RDU Enhanced Security Perimeter Gates

Raleigh-Durham International Airport
Raleigh-Durham, NC

WK Dickson provided design services related to enhancements to various security gates located throughout the airport, including the installation of security cameras, routes for connection to the Secure Area Access Control System (SAASC), routes for connection to power, wireless communication capabilities, remote control of gates, replacement of existing gates with a fence where applicable and signage improvements.

Project Details

This project impacts 17 secure access gates throughout the airport.  During design, clear communication with airport stakeholders and various user groups was essential to understand how each gate is used daily fully. This communication helped identify several gates that were determined to be non-essential and were able to be removed and replaced with a fence. One of the project’s primary goals was to make the equipment and user interface at each gate consistent. Each gate location was unique and required site-specific considerations and improvements to achieve the desired outcome. Coordination with RDU operations and IT was conducted to determine the best alternatives for equipment selection and extension of power and fiber optic utilities to locations not previously served.

Jason Kennedy

Jason Kennedy, PE, LEED AP

Project Manager