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Finding the perfect balance

WK Dickson has built an amazing reputation in the AEC industry of unparalleled client satisfaction, quality, innovation, technical competence, and integrity.

Our core service sectors have been carefully selected to meet the ever-changing demands of our clientele. New and emerging technologies as well as more stringent state and federal regulations have taught us to be proactive in the ways in which we operate.


We believe we have created the perfect balance of in-house departments to better assist the needs of not just a small segment of the communities we serve but the entire region. 

The firm also has a leading position in resilient design and has developed strong relationships with local authorities throughout the Southeastern United States to better understand and tackle regulatory and funding issues that affect communities the most.

Think of us as a "one stop shop" for a community's infrastructure needs

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No other firm serves more airports in the Carolinas and Georgia than WK Dickson.

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Our projects have helped serve the energy needs of more than 10 million consumers.

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Land Development

We specialize in rapid, sustainable, low-impact land development.

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Water & Wastewater

We ensure water & sewer systems operate to serve communities better.

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Watershed Services

We provide industry-leading watershed protection & stormwater management.



Our expertise in obtaining funding has led to over $800M in infrastructure improvements.