WK Dickson Mission and Culture

The Heart of WK Dickson

We aim to inspire our team and improve not only their lives but also those in the communities we serve.


WK Dickson is not an average engineering company. Our service is not average, and we don't want our people to be average. We keep our mission very simple for a reason - because serving our clients and building long-term relationships with them is at the center of our success. 

WK Dickson provides client-centered solutions.

We exist to improve the quality of life for the citizens in the communities we serve.

Our Why

Some people call it a vision statement; some call it their purpose. To us, it is why we are in business. Regardless of how it's labeled, it is at the very foundation of WK Dickson's existence. 

Culture & Values

What stands out about WK Dickson is our culture. Many firms say that, but we continually receive feedback from our employees about how we live our culture and values each day. This is not some "corporate speak" or planning document written by executives. Instead, we asked every employee back in 2020 and again in 2023 to write down the words that describe our culture.

We received hundreds of entries, and the same six characteristics kept rising to the surface. We call them our "culture words," and they provide the framework for WK Dickson's actions. These values guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees and how we interact with our clients and community.

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We create an exceptional customer experience. We see every interaction as an opportunity to exceed expectations.

Ryan and Jake working on a silo tank


WK Dickson promotes an environment of compassion and support where
everyone has an opportunity to be connected.

Employee and family member at a baseball game


We strive to act with integrity and fairness in all we do, creating an ethical workplace across the organization.

Lisa making a sundae


Collaboration and engagement are cornerstones of our company. Emphasis is placed on employees communicating effectively and holding one another accountable.

WK Dickson team holiday party


We support our staff to help achieve personal and professional commitments.

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We champion professional growth and development.