Energy Services and Engineering Consulting

Regional leader in critical energy infrastructure

WK Dickson provides full design and planning services for cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions like natural gas and solar.

“At WK Dickson, we are committed to redefining collaboration in an industry known for its unpredictable challenges. Our approach is complimented by an unwavering focus on safety, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients. Together, we are setting new standards for excellence, driving innovation, and paving the way for a safer, more sustainable future."


Bernly Bressler

Director of Energy Services

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WK Dickson has quickly become a regional leader in the energy engineering markets. Renewable sources of energy like solar, and non-renewable sources such as natural gas, have seen incredible growth in recent years. With ever-changing state and federal regulations and permitting requirements, our firm's energy specialists help clients navigate the processes that can significantly impact our client's project deadlines and budgets.

Most people do not think about where their energy comes from until it fails in some way. Our designs help energy providers keep their sites safe and resilient.

Our civil and environmental engineering staff develop design plans that meet tight schedules with minimal impact on communities during construction. Each project takes into account any future energy demands on the utility provider's systems and operations, as well as requirements for continued maintenance of gas lines, overhead transmission lines, distribution facilities, and solar sites.


Number of natural gas projects
the last five years


Acres of solar farm sites and overhead power transmission corridor rebuilds planned and designed


Growth of our Energy Services staff
in the last five years

Energy Expertise Include:

  • • Pipeline Transmission & Distribution

  • • Railroad Permitting & Encroachment Assistance

  • • Corridor Studies & Site Selection

  • • HDD Design

  • • Route Alignment Drawings

  • • Regulatory Agency Coordination & Approvals

  • • Solar Site Selection & Due Diligence Studies

  • • Grading, Drainage, & Erosion Control Plans

  • • Regulatory Agency Coordination & Permitting

  • • Overhead Transmission Routing

  • • Sediment & Erosion Control Design & Permitting