GSP New Cargo Area Development

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport
Greer, SC

Over the past few years, cargo growth at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) has exploded by 118%. Investment needed to be made in their cargo area to continue to accommodate this growth. Additionally, the ability to hold more than two Boeing 747-800 wide-body parking positions quickly became a important part of the airport’s ability to handle their additional growth.

Project Details

Operational activity spurred demand to develop a new cargo area at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. WK Dickson was initially engaged in planning and environmental services necessary for a Categorical Exclusion (CATEX) formulation and submittal to the FAA for concurrence. This effort identified potential environmental impacts of the best alternative to establishing a cargo operation in the area. The CATEX formulation and submittal adhered to the guidance provided by FAA Order 1050.1F, “Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures.” WK Dickson played a key role in helping GSP justify and secure FAA support for discretionary funding for the project.


Following acceptance of the CATEX by FAA, WK Dickson was selected to provide engineering design and bidding services for the new cargo area. The new facility was planned and designed to serve Boeing 747-800s frequently operating at GSP. During schematic design, WK Dickson planned the site for the ultimate build-out to accommodate up to nine 747-800 parking positions. The first phase of design and construction accommodated two wide-body parking positions. The airside development for phase 1 included a 60,000 SY concrete ramp and a taxilane connector tie-in to the existing parallel taxiway “L.” Landside development included a rough graded pad for a future 200’x800′ building and a vehicle parking lot that was developed by end-users. Work also included the extension of Gateway Drive to the proposed building with streetscaping and driveway access to the proposed building with a control vehicle gate. Stormwater management was designed and constructed in phase 1 to accommodate the runoff from the ultimate build-out.

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The new facility was planned and designed to serve Boeing 747-800s frequently operating at GSP.