Killian Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Lincolnton, NC

The Killian Creek WWTP was designed to be easily expandable in three phases so that Lincoln County could operate it efficiently and upgrade it easily as demand increased. The original plant and associated infrastructure consist of 5,300 LF of 30 and 36-inch gravity sewers, a duplex submersible pump station, and 7,600 LF of 12 and 20-inch force mains. The WWTP includes fine screening, grit removal, sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), tertiary disk filters, two aerobic digesters, a rotary press sludge dewatering system, and six buildings.

Project Details

Phase 1 was completed with an original capacity of 1.7 MGD, the plant was expanded to 3.3 MGD with minor equipment additions in 2014. Phase 2 expansion included the installation of an upgrade of the existing SBR system through the addition of one new blower and five new diffused aeration assemblies, a third effluent filter unit, a second UV disinfection channel, and expansion of the sludge dewatering system by the addition of a new sludge press feed pump, new sludge rotary press, modifications to the dewatered sludge conveyor system and addition of a new rotary drum thickener.


Phase 3 was an expansion of the existing plant to an ultimate capacity of 6.6 MGD, utilizing the same treatment technologies as the current treatment system. This project included a new headworks structure; a new SBR system, SBR blowers, and building; two new effluent filters and relocation of existing filters to a new filter building; a new UV system and conversion of existing effluent filter/UV building into a dedicated UV building; new aerobic digestion system; four aeration blowers; new rotary drum thickener; and new dewatering system including sludge pumps, two rotary filter presses, and building. Our team adapted and expanded the plant in phases with minimal disruption and efficient use of capital funds by working in partnership with the county to understand dynamic service demands in the region.

Ryan Hager

Ryan Hager, PE

Project Manager