Western North Ridge Drainage Improvement Project

Raleigh, NC

The Western North Ridge Storm Drainage Improvement project aims to upgrade a drainage system covering 283 acres, ensuring its resilience for years.

Project Details

The project consists of over 250 LF of 6’x4′ RCBC and 340 LF of 72″ RCP to elevate the system to a 10-year Level of Service, focusing on enhancing the drainage’s capacity to serve better the residential neighborhood it supports.


Public outreach has been at the heart of the project. The WK Dickson team has engaged in multiple public meetings and one-on-one discussions with property owners impacted by these improvements. Their feedback has shaped the project, ensuring it aligns with the community’s needs.


Our team has addressed complexities throughout the project, including accommodating large RCBC structures within the roadway while minimizing impacts on adjacent utilities. Securing easements on 24 properties has also required thoughtful negotiation and cooperation. And a 2-D H&H model has been developed to ensure an accurate analysis of flooding impacts.


Want to know more? Check out the project’s StoryMap.

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Over 300 LF of bank stabilization will be incorporated to protect the riparian buffer, preventing future erosion and promoting ecological balance.