Clark Avenue Emergency Stormwater Culvert Repair

Raleigh, NC

Some infrastructure failures are mere inconveniences, and some are crisis situations that endanger public health and safety. This is where WK Dickson, as community infrastructure consultants, is here to provide quick solutions, as in our work on a 70-year-old culvert that had failed in Raleigh, NC, and the quick turnaround to get the road back open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Project Details

The Clark Avenue Emergency Culvert Repair project was a fast-tracked H&H evaluation and construction design plan project that provided recommendations to replace a 70-year-old failing Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) that served approximately 120 acres in downtown Raleigh. Several alternatives were evaluated, ranging from lining the existing 102″ X 72″ CMP pipe to replacing this pipe with either a dual 60″ RCP or 8′ X 5′ box culvert. Ultimately, the most cost-effective recommendation was to install a new dual 60″ RCP system.


Within three weeks, WK Dickson produced the required construction documents detailing the culvert replacement and obtained the necessary permits. This quick turnaround allowed the city’s on-call contractor to accelerate construction and replace this culvert in under three months, under the design team’s direction.


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The quick turnaround on this project allowed the city's on-call contractor to accelerate construction and replace the culvert in under three months,