Barberry Woods Drainage Project

Charleston, SC

The Barberry Woods Drainage project is more than the city’s attempt to address flooding at a single site. The best solution will respond to the natural context of the project site and the priorities of the surrounding community.

Project Details

This project, located in the John’s Island communities of Barberry Woods and The Cottages, sets out to tame the destructive force of flooding while preserving the natural environment and its delicate balance. This project seeks to create a harmonious coexistence between nature and modern development using stormwater engineering and innovative bioengineering practices. By leveraging environmentally friendly improvements, the aim is to minimize downstream impacts on water volume and quality, safeguarding the ecosystem for future generations.


Inspired by the wisdom of the Dutch Dialogues, the proposed flood mitigation solutions are both ingenious and transformative. Additional watershed storage areas come to life, a stabilized stream realignment gracefully navigates its way, and vast wetlands are enhanced to act as natural reservoirs, providing vital flood storage.


To further bolster the area’s resilience, the team is exploring the power of bio-infiltration and green infrastructure practices, allowing the earth to absorb and cleanse the water naturally.


The WK Dickson team provided planning and design services, including wetland delineation, environmental assessments, and compliance plans. Public involvement was also a vital component of this project, and the team held several public meetings to ensure community input and ownership in this groundbreaking initiative.


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The Barberry Woods Drainage project is more than just a project; it's a testament to the power of creativity and our desire to be resilient and live in harmony with nature.