Newman Road Expansion, Clemson University

Newman Road was a two-lane road on the east end of campus that serves as a north-south connector, prior to entering the heart of campus. However, the southern end did not connect to Perimeter Road, the main arterial encompassing the campus in conjunction with Highway 93. The project began with a study to evaluate alternatives for a phased delivery approach to develop the full Newman Corridor into a five-lane boulevard section, including construction of the southern connector. WK Dickson was then selected to provide design, permitting, bidding and construction phase services for development of the southern connector for the full five-lane boulevard.

The project was a partnership with Clemson University, and another civil engineering consultant who was performing similar services for the Newman/Perimeter Intersection. Given that construction had to be completed prior to start of the fall semester, the project was initiated on a fast-track schedule, and involved daily communication and coordination with the entire team. Permits were received quickly, and bids came in under budget. The project was completed ahead of schedule in July 2018.