CEU Nebo Church Road Relocation and West Apron Expansion

Oconee County Regional Airport
Seneca, SC

The primary focus of the project was to relocate Nebo Church Road, which was a significant improvement to the safety of operations off the Runway 7 end.

Project Details

The project entailed $4.5M worth of improvements on and around Oconee County Regional Airport including construction of a new Nebo Church Road route, the demolition and mass grading of the former roadbed, site preparation for future apron expansions and hangar developments, and the expansion of the existing apron with concrete to serve larger, heavier aircraft. Design included significant modifications to a stormwater detention pond and storm pipe networks to accommodate the increased apron footprint in two separate areas of the airport.

WK Dickson provided comprehensive design and construction phase services (including pre-design survey and geotechnical investigation). We assisted Oconee County with the bidding of the project, as well as with the permitting of the project through various governing authorities (FAA, SCDOT, SCDHEC, and Oconee County). Comprehensive construction phase services, as well as contract administration, construction observation, and construction materials testing were also included.

Terry Macaluso

Terry Macaluso, PE

Vice President