New Hope District Pressure Zone Improvements

Ellijay, GA

At capacity, the water system in the New Hope district was at the breaking point. After an extensive water model evaluation, the system’s recommended improvements including increasing storage capacity and upgrading the booster pump station. The project’s outcome solves the area’s short-term capacity issues and addresses long-term needs within the system from an operational standpoint. New installations have made it much less manpower intensive, especially during extreme weather events. The project allows the Authority to leverage its resources, and the new equipment and new storage capacity gives the client a much longer response time during critical emergencies.

Project Details

One of the most significant concerns identified during the development of the hydraulic model for the Ellijay- Gilmer Water and Sewer Authority (EGCWSA) was the hydraulic limitations in the New Hope district of the system. This section of the system had operated at maximum capacity for many years, and economic growth had stressed the system to the breaking point. The strategic plan to address these issues was to utilize SRF funding to help finance the improvements needed. WK Dickson assisted EGCWSA in the regulatory, environmental, and engineering report phases of the process to preposition the project for principal forgiveness of $385,000 towards this critical project. The low-interest funding made the project as minimal impact on ratepayers as possible.


With this information, WK Dickson began the design and construction management of tank, booster pump, and water line improvements. This project included the development of a new 325,000-gallon ground storage water tank and site to increase storage capacity in the New Hope pressure zone. These improvements allow for operational enhancements, including increased pumping capacity and efficiency at the Roberts Ridge Booster Pump Station, decreasing the time required to fill the New Hope tank.


The new tank site also required the construction of approximately 2,000 feet of 10-inch and 6-inch water main along New Hope Road to connect the new tank to the existing distribution system. A new booster pump station was also constructed to provide pressure for the customers in the immediate area of the storage tank.


ACEC-GA Engineering Excellence Merit Award