Town of Wingate Elevated Water Storage Facility

Union County, NC

Union County supplies water to over 45,000 resident homes and 2,320 businesses, averaging around 13 MG each day. To continue to provide high-quality drinking water at adequate pressure throughout their distribution system, Union County wished to construct a new 1-million gallon elevated storage tank in the Town of Wingate.

Project Details

WK Dickson was hired oversee installation of the new storage tank along with 900 LF of 16” water line to connect to an existing 16” waterline on Old Williams Road. Our staff prepared a technical report evaluating suitable tank types, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of potential tank styles including multi-column, fluted column, spheroid, and composite.


Considerations included construction cost, safety and accessibility, and long term maintenance costs. Ultimately, a composite tank with an exterior concrete pedestal was the County’s preferred tank type. Services led by WK Dickson include survey, geotechnical engineering, design, permitting, bidding, and construction administration and observation.


Jake Berkshire, PE

Project Manager, PE