Forest Creek Edgewater Pump Station

Wilmington, NC

The Edgewater Pump Station project was a private/public partnership for a new regional pump station to serve a proposed residential development, a proposed elementary school, existing residential developments, and future developments.

Project Details

The gravity collection system included service to the Waterstone development as well as to the private/public partnership for a new regional pump station at Forest Creek. The Edgewater pump station and force main was designed to tie in to an existing CFPUA force main.


WK Dickson evaluated the cost effectiveness of phasing the pump station and force main construction for the variability of the school construction schedule. WK Dickson provided updating and analysis of the CFPUA hydraulic model to evaluate condition of the 12-inch force main on Porters Neck Road. Our team provided the survey, wetlands delineation, design, permitting and construction services for the 189,420 GPD pump station with 3,350 LF of 8-inch force main and 780 LF of 8-inch and 2,100 LF of 10-inch gravity sewer. The gravity sewer design included NCDOT bore and jack as well as bore and jack between two houses.