Find-It Fix-It Sewer Rehab Wilmington NC

Wilmington, NC

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) programs their annual budget to include on-going, as needed sewer rehabilitation and replacement. WK Dickson assisted CFPUA with one of those projects in the planning and implementation of the find-it, fix-it methods to the eliminate failing sewer infrastructure that was located within some of the busiest roads and intersections in the City of Wilmington.

Project Details

Rehabilitation techniques used in this project included sectional point repairs and cured in place pipe by ultraviolet curing which allowed a critical repair to be completed on Kerr Avenue without disruption to the road or traffic. The project has allowed for the cleaning and assessment of 15,320 LF and rehabilitation of 8,490 LF of sewer mains.


Partnership between CFPUA, WK Dickson, and the contractors enabled responsive evaluations and creative rehabilitation strategies to maximize available funds and minimize the risk of failure and overflows. To enable a rapid assessment and quickly provide direction on the rehabilitation strategy, WK Dickson utilized Infomaster to compile the NASSCO-coded CCTV reports, verify the significant defects, and generate work orders for rehabilitation. WK Dickson was able to work with CFPUA in maximizing the available funds to assess a large portion of their system, prioritize repairs, and correct deficiencies while minimizing the time of construction.


WK Dickson also assisted CFPUA in obtaining over $11M in funding from CWSRF over the course of this find-it fix-it program.

Carter Hubard

Carter Hubard, PE

Vice President