Citywide Watershed Master Plan

Myrtle Beach, SC

Sustainable stormwater management is critical to maintaining the capacity and health of the city’s natural resources while also ensuring the public safety of residents, tourists, and business owners. Identifying integrative stormwater solutions that provide flood mitigation while addressing the quality of stormwater runoff is a critical component of the master plan.

Project Details

WK Dickson is completing the city’s first citywide watershed master plan for the 23 square mile coastal community. Individual watershed plans focus on identifying capital projects to reduce the severity, frequency, and duration of flooding and improve water quality specific to bacterial removal. In particular, the city is looking for solutions that integrate flood storage and drainage system improvements with water quality improvements. Proposed projects include enhancing and creating stormwater wetlands, floodplain reconnection, green infrastructure, and stream enhancement.


WK Dickson is currently implementing one of the first projects from the master plan – the Broadway Wetlands project.

Tom Murray

Tom Murray, PE, CFM

Program Manager