BCB Runway 12-30 Extension

Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport
Blacksburg, VA

The extension of the runway to 5,500 ft and its transformation from B-II to C-II design standards is one of the most intricate projects undertaken at the Virginia Tech-Montgomery Executive Airport (BCB).

Project Details

This runway extension project involves a comprehensive coordination effort with multiple agencies, jurisdictions, funding sources, and environmental permitting requirements, synchronized within integrated construction schedules. It encompasses a wide range of elements, including our collaboration with VDOT to develop a new grade-separated interchange, which involves the reconfiguration of the Huckleberry Trail in the area. Our team oversaw the relocation of an arterial road and a collector road and the necessary repositioning of major gas, telecommunication, and power utilities. University land was acquired, and the Dairy Science Program was relocated to accommodate the expansion. Additionally, we have secured six commercial properties for the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ).


The project called for a coordinated master planning effort involving the airport, Corporate Research Center, and Virginia Tech, ensuring alignment of objectives and optimal land use. Furthermore, our team was responsible for relocating and providing new university athletic fields to support the overall development.


A successful environmental assessment, conducted in close collaboration with both FAA and VDOT, resulted in a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), satisfying the necessary NEPA requirements. We implemented a 1,000-ft long Runway Safety Area (RSA) beyond the runway thresholds on both ends to ensure enhanced safety measures, meeting the C-II standards. The pavement was extended from its existing length of 4,550′ to the newly designated 5,500′.


This multi-year project has been funded through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), with initial support from DOAV bridge loans for the preliminary services. Moreover, we have effectively utilized bid alternatives to promote competition among contractors and reduce construction costs.


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