Stream & Wetland Mitigation Monitoring, Statewide, NC

WK Dickson has provided monitoring for six years on 18 stream and wetland restoration sites located across North Carolina for a private full-delivery mitigation provider. These sites are located in 15 counties throughout North Carolina including the following river basins: Catawba, Yadkin, Neuse, Roanoke, and Cape Fear. Tasks include quarterly assessments and identification of potential problem areas, monthly hydrologic data collection, vegetation assessment, annual stream survey, and benthic macro-invertebrate sampling. Stream survey consists of monumented cross sections, longitudinal profiles, pebble counts, visual assessments, and digital imaging.

Vegetation monitoring consists of permanent fixed plots to determine survival of planted vegetation and estimated aerial coverage of all vegetation. Wetland restoration areas require monthly data collection from continuous groundwater recording devices. Stream restoration sites require monthly data collection of crest gauges. WK Dickson prepares an annual report for each site detailing the monitoring results with comparisons to site-specific success criteria. In addition, WK Dickson created and maintains an ArcIMS website to provide the client a secure online database of all monitoring data, digital images and monitoring reports.