Town Hall Drainage Improvements, Hope Mills, NC

The area of Rockfish Road located in front of the Town Hall Campus and several areas located on the Town Hall campus experienced frequent flooding and was ranked as the highest priority project in the Town’s Stormwater Master Plan. The old drainage system consisted of small diameter corrugated metal pipes that conveyed water to two stormwater infiltration ponds. WK Dickson provided survey, design, permitting, bid, and construction administration services for drainage improvements to resolve the flooding issues and provide water quality treatment of the drainage runoff. The improvements included:

  • Installation of 2,800 LF of drainage infrastructure to reduce the severity and frequency of flooding
  • Rehabilitation of two existing infiltration basins
  • Installation of a bioretention facility at the Hope Mills Recreation Center to treat approximately 3 acres of impervious area.

As part of the project, WK Dickson installed two crest gauges to monitor water levels after storm events. The monitoring revealed that the downstream infiltration basins were not the cause of upstream flooding and improvements to the collection system would result in a successful project. The drainage system utilized the native sandy soils found in the Sand Hills region to facilitate infiltration resulting in no direct outfall from the system. This innovative approach resulted in the town being awarded a 0% interest loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund in excess of $1,000,000 for the construction of the project.