Town Creek Culvert, Greenville, NC

The Town Creek Culvert project addresses a variety of water quantity and quality issues associated with a failing stormwater conveyance system draining 308.6 acres of a highly urbanized landscape. This conveyance system, currently composed of brick and non-reinforced concrete installed in or prior to the 1930s, can only successfully pass the 2-year storm event without flooding significant business areas and roadways within Uptown Greenville, NC. The project will construct approximately 306 LF of one 84” reinforced concrete pipe culvert, 236 LF of dual 72” reinforced concrete pipe culvert, 1,707 LF of dual 84” reinforced concrete pipe culverts and 390 LF of 10’X8’ RCBC in a highly dense and urbanized core to achieve a 25-year Level of Service (LOS).

In addition to upsizing the existing storm drainage system, this project also offers significant water quality benefits through the installation of several Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs). This project included installation of approximately 21,780 ft2 of a bioretention area, two regenerative stormwater conveyance systems including a small and large system with 1,307 ft2 and 10,000 ft2, respectively, of total area, approximately 7,380 ft2 of permeable pavement installation and an inlet capture device. Collectively, these SCMs are expected to remove up to 250 lb N/yr in an urban and highly impervious (~85%) watershed.