Taxiway G Rehabilitation, Greenville-Spartanburg Intl Airport, Greer, SC

Taxiway G at the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport was exhibiting severe pavement distress, including rutting, shoving, and severe cracking. A preliminary investigation was completed to determine the cause of the distress. This investigation revealed a horizontal “cold joint”, based on a distinct absence of bond between the upper and lower pavement courses, which occurred during a previous rehabilitation and overlay project. The lack of bond was allowing the pavement to push or shove under the force of aircraft turning from Taxiway G onto parallel Taxiway A. To correct the issue, WK Dickson designed a rehabilitation project consisting of milling and replacing the top 7-inches of asphalt pavement. Rehabilitation to this depth removes the cold joint which was allowing the pavement to slip. The project also included underdrain installation, pavement marking, and adjustments to the in-pavement lights to allow for paving operations.