Smith Creek Benthic Macroinvertebrate Habitat Enhancement Project

ACEC/NC Engineering Excellence Award Winner

Several years ago Smith Creek was added to the 303(d) list of impaired waters because of its “Fair” benthic macroinvertebrate sampling results. WK Dickson worked with the Town of Wake Forest and used an innovative approach, that included a unique public involvement initiative, to enhance benthic diversity and document improved water quality. This project is among the first of this type ever completed in North Carolina. Using relatively inexpensive materials and focusing on public involvement make this project repeatable to not only a wide range of local governments but also community groups and nonprofits.

The Town was extremely pleased to involve the community in this developing watershed, as educated citizens can play an important role in reducing and eliminating some elements of the pollution that leads to impairment. Holly Miller, the Town’s Assistant Engineer, stated it best, “The Sanford Creek Habitat Restoration project and the overall Smith Creek Watershed Project are outstanding examples of the dedication and determination of a firm to push the envelope into uncharted territory to improve the environment. Their knowledge and depth of stream restoration and assistance with public involvement has been an excellent asset to the Town.”