Runway Widening and Overlay, Greene County Regional Airport, Greensboro, GA

Both Greene County and GDOT are interested in developing 3J7 from a B-II into a C-II designation airport over the long term. The first step toward this goal was a project to overlay and widen the runway from 75’ to 100’. The project includes the relocation and/or replacement of the existing medium-intensity runway edge lights, taxiway edge lights, and PAPIs. WK Dickson further assisted the Airport Authority by first structuring the bid proposal form such that it provided flexibility in the awarding of the contract, and then working with the Authority and GDOT Aviation personnel to select bid alternate items that delivered the desired end product while staying within the available funding limits. Extensive coordination efforts were made with the contractor, Airport Authority, and FBO to minimize impacts to airport operations during construction, including scheduling the necessary runway closure during months that would have the least impact to the FBO, airport tenants, and other airport users. After providing complete survey, design, and bid phase services, WK Dickson provided construction administration, full-time construction observation, and construction materials testing services throughout the duration of the construction project.