Runway Safety Area, Fairfield County Airport, Winnsboro, SC

Fairfield County sought to improve the existing Runway Safety Area (RSA) to meet the standards of a Category B-II aircraft to satisfy the standard required by the LPV WAAS approach. The County commissioned WK Dickson to design and oversee construction of a project to address this issue. This project achieved the goal by utilizing an AIP grant from the FAA as a high priority safety project and the purpose of these safety area improvements is to allow for a seamless transition to the planned approach minimums. All obstructions and non-standard grade issues within the existing and future RSA were cleared and graded to the FAA standards set in AC 150/5300-13A.

Additionally, in order to bring the current RSA up to standard, the existing runway was shifted and extended to accommodate a minimum of 5,000 feet of usable runway length in both directions. Ultimately, through creative use of declared distances a usable runway length of 5,250 feet was realized on Runway 4 with a required threshold relocation. Fairfield County will enjoy the economic benefit of accommodating larger aircraft that need this additional length going forward.