Runway and Access Road Rehab, Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport, NC

With the existing runway and taxiway pavement reaching the end of its useful life, WK Dickson was selected to provide engineering design services to rehabilitate the runway and taxiway pavement in addition to repairing the existing stone airfield perimeter access road and provide drainage improvements.

For this project WK Dickson completed a full existing conditions inventory and analysis to evaluate the existing pavement section and underlying subgrade. Various rehabilitation approaches were considered, and ultimately Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) was selected as the preferred alternative for the runway. FDR was an effective selection for this project as it allowed RWI to utilize the existing stone base and some of the existing asphalt to construct a new FDR base course. Milling of the existing runway is proposed prior to constructing the FDR base course. The millings will be used to improve existing access roads, and to build a new perimeter access road to allow for easier maintenance and inspection of the perimeter security fence. This approach minimized cost and effort for disposal of existing pavement material and recycled the existing pavement into a valuable new resource for the airport. The FDR base course will be topped with an Asphalt Surface Course. This new pavement section will meet RWI’s needs today, and will serve as a solid foundation to build on with future strengthening projects.

The FDR approach to runway rehabilitation also provided a cost-effective method of correcting existing vertical curve deficiencies, while minimizing grade changes and relocation of runway lights in the shoulder. The project also includes a two inch overlay of the taxiways, construction of taxiway fillet tapers throughout the airfield and taxiway connector improvements to remove direct access from an apron to the runway.

WK Dickson coordinated directly with FAA ADO in Memphis for approval of Modification to Standards and approval of the use for FDR for a Runway. Grant funding consultation with NCDOA and FAA was provided and successfully resulted in a grant award of both Federal and State funding totally over $14 million.