Remedial Repairs Runway 18L Taxiway 'D', 'A', & 'M', Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC

For the past 35 years, WK Dickson and its engineers have been responsible for designing and/or rehabilitating nearly every runway, taxiway, and aircraft apron at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. The most recent project involved rehabilitation of aging airfield pavements on one of the original runways (18L/36R) and its connecting taxiway system to the general aviation/corporate side of the airfield. These asphalt pavements, while structurally sound, were aging out with extensive cracking. The City’s desire was to extend their useful life without replacement or extensive closure to aircraft operations. In the design process, alternative approaches were considered from use of crack sealing and asphalt rejuvenation to reconstruction in place. Weighing the cost of construction, expected life, and impact of closure of airfield areas, the recommended design involved a combination of rehabilitation techniques. The center keel sections were milled and new asphalt surface placed. In some keel sections of pavement, in-pavement lighting had to be replaced with new light fixtures and conduit/cable. Between the keel section and pavement edges, cracks were sealed and received a nominal 2” overlay. Asphalt thicknesses in the keel sections varied from 2” to 6” and, in runway areas, this work was accomplished during night time hours only. Each morning, newly paved areas were reopened to traffic with no impact on airport operations. Extensive phasing was needed in sequencing closure periods for the taxiway work.