International Drive Rehabilitation, RDU Airport, NC

WK Dickson provided engineering services necessary to assess and provide rehabilitation recommendations for portions of the airport roadways north of John Brantley Boulevard and Terminals 1 and 2. The project included pavement assessment for International Drive, East International Drive, West International Drive, and Executive Drive due to varying degrees of distress that would have led to eventual pavement failure. Work consisted of an investigative phase which involved conducting initial site visits to verify project limits and overall pavement condition and to collect, compile and review pavement records provided by the Authority and to develop roadway evaluation network data that will be incorporated into a GIS database. The investigative phase was followed by a testing, analysis, and reporting phase which consisted of distress surveys, non-destructive testing (NDT), geotechnical investigation, pavement condition index (PCI) computations, data analysis, cost estimating and pavement rehabilitation report.