Taxiway F Rehabilitation, RDU Airport, NC

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority identified the need to rehabilitate portions of Taxiway F based on the results of a pavement assessment completed in 2015. In addition to the pavement rehabilitation, this project also included rehabilitation of existing paved shoulders, construction of new paved shoulders where none existed, subsurface drainage improvements, and new pavement markings. Electrical engineering included installation of centerline cans and conduit, rehabilitation or replacement of taxiway edge lights and circuitry associated with new paved shoulders and fillet revisions, and taxiway signage evaluation and replacement.

WK Dickson evaluated and addressed complex issues with construction phasing, staging, and access. The airport operations that had to be maintained during construction of this project were significant given the fact that the pavement being reconstructed was along the south half of Terminal 2 and only three aircraft loading gates could be closed during any given phase. Planning included stakeholder meetings, and the outcome was a phasing plan that balanced operational constraints with construction costs that benefits all parties involved. WK Dickson also provided construction administration services for the project.