Program Management, Watershed Inventory and Master Plan, Greenville, NC

The City of Greenville selected WK Dickson to lead a citywide stormwater master plan for the 35-square mile municipality. The City chose WK Dickson to serve as the program manager for the planning effort due to our extensive master planning and inventory experience throughout the southeast. In addition to program management, we were tasked to complete inventory and master planning for four watersheds totaling approximately 15 square miles. Hydraulic and hydrology (H&H) modeling was completed for areas with known flooding and bank stability problems and areas with high growth potential that may cause future flooding or erosion issues. Water quality monitoring was completed to assess the potential for delisting or reducing the length of impairment for Swift Creek and Greens Mill Run that are both impaired for benthos. Multi-media public outreach efforts included direct mail questionnaires, project website, presence at City events, public forums, and stakeholder meetings.