Peachtree Ridge Park, Gwinnett County, Georgia

Peachtree Ridge Park is a 175-acre forested park site with ravines, steep topography, ridges and hills, and a large lake. When planning began, 100 acres were identified as sensitive or off-limits to development. This land was preserved as a natural wildlife area and buffers for the existing network of streams, wetlands, and lake. WK Dickson’s design team was required to be mindful of environmental sensitivity and have a thorough understanding of sustainable engineering principles. The challenging topography required a creative and sensitive approach to the layout of the program elements, further emphasizing the role between consultant and client.

The project includes both active and passive recreational components including an extensive trail network. Over 3 miles of multi-purpose trails provide a relaxing interaction with nature for park visitors. Trail environments range from bright sunny fields to shady wooded retreats. An ADA accessible trail and overlook shelter, in addition to an accessible playground and path, ensure that all visitors, even those with disabilities, are able to enjoy the park and the many views over the ravines and lake it has to offer. The trail system utilizes bioswales and bio-retention ponds for stormwater treatment throughout the design in order to improve water quality and prevent erosion into the nearby tributaries and main lake. To tie the entire park and trail system together with the nearby school and surrounding neighborhoods, WK Dickson roadway engineers worked together with the DOT to design a unique roundabout, the first of its kind in the County. The roundabout feature also serves to slow traffic as it approaches the park creating a much safer environment for pedestrians.

Peachtree Ridge Park was awarded the Honor Award for Design by the American Society of Landscape Architects Georgia Chapter.