Marsh Creek Headwater Best Management Practice, Sandy Springs, GA

WK Dickson led the Marsh Creek Headwater Best Management Practice (BMP) project that included design and project management for a regional multi-use stormwater management facility to improve downstream conditions of the watershed. This was part of a larger effort to improve overall watersheds that extend outside the City Center limits. The project provided a unique opportunity for the City of Sandy Springs to not only address water quality issues, but to create an aesthetically pleasing community resource that will bolster the new City Center. It required more than a conventional “nuts and bolts” engineering approach; rather, it demanded a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach of water resource engineers, landscape architects, surveyors and environmental scientists, as well as experienced grantsmanship. We provided the engineering, landscape architectural design and construction observation for the new facility, which became a public park incorporating Green Infrastructure features. The WK Dickson team brought the optimum combination of expertise to ensure that we deliver a successful BMP and park project within the USEPA/EPD 319(h) grant guidelines.