Marsh Creek Headwater Best Management Practice, Sandy Springs, GA

ACEC/GA Engineering Excellence Award Winner

Unique stormwater project which included walking trails, educational exhibits and a park setting within a regional detention pond and bioretention facility. The project design will help to improve water quality on an impaired stream and help promote redevelopment of the new downtown area by providing the required stormwater and water quality controls for the area. Completed in the Fall of 2016, the facility has become a pedestrian destination for local residents, workers and visitors to the City Center and new downtown area. WK Dickson provided the engineering and landscape architecture design for the regional multi-use stormwater management facility, permitting, funding, and construction observation. Funding was partially provided with a Section 319(h) grant. The project included a bioretention cell in series with a permanent pool outfitted with an aesthetic fountain water feature, all wrapped into a new public park. Other green infrastructure features of the project include aesthetic features featuring a walking trail landscaped with native plants, observation platforms, and seating. Educational signage educates residents and visiting school children about water quality, channel protection and green stormwater BMPs.

This project won an ACEC Georgia Engineering Excellence Award in 2018.