Killian Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Lincoln County, NC

WK Dickson provided survey, planning and design services for the construction of the new 1.7 MGD Killian Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, which consists of 5,300 linear feet of 30 and 36-inch gravity sewers, a duplex submersible pump station, and 7,600 LF of 12 and 20-inch force mains. An additional 2,700 LF of 36-inch gravity sewer and 2,800 LF of 30-inch gravity interceptor sewer provides service to outlying areas. The WWTP is expandable to 3.3 MGD and includes fine screening, grit removal, sequencing batch reactors, tertiary disk filters, aerobic digesters, A rotary press sludge dewatering system, and six buildings. Planning services included a detailed Environmental Assessment with an environmental justice supplement, protected species and archaeological surveys, and stream and wetland delineations.