Jefferson Basin Study and CIP, Charlotte, NC

WK Dickson performed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of a 1.6-square-miles watershed and detailed design of stormwater infrastructure improvements. Project included modeling 21,000 linear feet (LF) of open channel to evaluate existing structure crossings versus City standards, 10 dams to evaluate existing hydraulic capabilities of the system as well as potential for water-quality improvements. The project also included evaluation of 18 culvert crossings against current City and State standards, 15,000 LF of closed system storm drainage facilities, and 5,000 LF of roadside ditches.

WK Dickson provided construction documents for selected alternatives including rehabilitation of 3 dams, represented the City during public hearings and assisted with necessary permitting including ACOE 404 Permit, NC DWQ 401 Certification, and Wetland Delineation Report.