City View Basin Study, CIP, and Stream Restoration, Charlotte, NC

This capital improvement project required both flood control and stream restoration. City View Creek is a tributary to Campbell Creek, and is located west of East Independence Boulevard between City View Drive and Wallace Lane. The main channel of the creek is approximately 5,000 LF, drains 285 acres, and crosses under 5 streets. WK Dickson performed a topographic survey, detailed existing conditions analysis, as well as alternatives analysis and concept plan. The existing conditions analysis included geomorphic and biological analyses using quantitative stability evaluation tools, hydraulic geometry measurements, in-stream habitat measurements, and riparian habitat assessments. Biological analyses included quantitative vegetation plots, fish sampling with electroshock equipment, and benthic macroinvertebrate sampling. WK Dickson prepared design plans to restore pattern, dimension and profile to over 2,000 LF of degraded streams. Design plans also included two culvert retrofits with slip lining, three culvert replacements, and one BMP retrofit. WK Dickson provided construction oversight services to ensure that the contractor properly implemented the stream restoration components of the design plan.