Buckhead Creek Watershed Study and Improvement Projects, Fayetteville, NC

WK Dickson was selected to complete a watershed study of the 5.2-square-mile Buckhead Creek watershed in 2008. The project included a stormwater inventory of selected drainage features, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood mitigation alternatives, water quality retrofits, and public input. The stormwater inventory was used to delineate watershed and subwatershed boundaries for the purpose of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. GIS interfaces were used to preprocess data into EPA SWMM, HEC-HMS, and HEC-RAS. Flood mitigation alternatives were developed to reduce flooding while minimizing environmental impacts and utility conflicts, and preserving the nature of the watershed. Alternatives included culvert upgrades, floodplain benches, flood berms, floodwalls, wetland restoration, bank stabilization, and pipe upgrades. The alternatives selected included impacts to jurisdictional streams and wetlands, and to FEMA floodways, requiring WK Dickson to develop a permitting strategy for implementing these alternatives. Upon completion of the Buckhead Creek master plan, WK Dickson was selected by the City to design and implement a multiyear CIP program that resulted from the master planning efforts and we are still working with them today on citywide CIP implementation.