Booker Creek Subwatershed Studies, Chapel Hill, NC

WK Dickson worked with the Town of Chapel Hill to develop a Watershed Plan for the Town’s highest priority watershed, Booker Creek. The Lower Booker Creek plan includes a full inventory of the watershed’s natural and manmade assets including stream and riparian assessments, an outfall analysis, and infrastructure condition assessments. Field assessments were completed using mobile applications that result in immediate population of the GIS database from the field. As part of the effort to identify stormwater retrofits and implementation of treatment options in an urban watershed, the team performed a suite of desktop analyses including the outfall analysis, impervious cover, right-of-way screening for Green Infrastructure retrofits, and a BMP retrofit analysis. Proposed SCMs were modeled using a Watershed Treatment Model and the Jordan Lake tool to evaluate the potential reduction in nutrients from the proposed improvements. Public outreach was a critical component of the project.