Booker Creek Basin Park, Chapel Hill, NC

The Town of Chapel Hill engaged WK Dickson to design the Booker Creek Park and stormwater storage facility. The facility is located between Eastgate Crossing and South Elliott Road and involved approximately four acres of Booker Creek floodplain to improve water flow in Booker Creek and increase stormwater storage. This project was the highest prioritized project identified in the Lower Booker Creek Subwatershed Study, which WK Dickson prepared. The project reduces flooding in the area near Eastgate and East Franklin Street, which has been subjected to flooding during past storms. The flood storage facility is partly located on land owned by Ram Realty Advisors and directly abuts the proposed flood storage facility. The Town worked with Ram Reality Advisors, who agreed to construct the flood storage facility on the Town’s behalf at the same time as the Fordham Boulevard apartments project. Construction by a single entity enhanced efficiency and minimized logistical conflicts between the two projects, as well as reduce the construction impacts to Booker Creek. The flood storage facility incorporates pedestrian amenities, including walking trails.