Abernathy Lakefront Park, Clemson, South Carolina

The revitalization of Abernathy Lakefront Park required dry excavation of approximately eight acres and 30,000 cubic yards of accumulated silt and sediment in Lake Hartwell. The design team worked closely with the US Corps of Engineers in deepening the cove for canoes and pleasure boats. Park amenities include walking trails, boardwalks, observation decks, fishing piers, boat docks, and other uses that promote passive recreational and educational activities at the lake’s edge.

The park now enjoys the key elements of trail areas that are ADA standard and are totally accessible; a boardwalk for use as an observation area offering educational information for both the lake and wetland areas; a parking lot connected to the main pedestrian corridor route for easy access; and two boat docks that accommodate up to eight boats. This project was presented the Merit Award for Planning by the American Society of Landscape Architects Chapters in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.