Wayne Executive Jetport receives NCDOT economic development funding

August 20th, 2018

Today, as a result of months of advocating for and championing efforts on behalf of Wayne Executive Jetport in Pikeville, NC, we received official notification that the corporate area expansion project at the airport has received state funding through NCDOT’s economic development program. This is the first project we're aware of that is funded by NCDOT Division of Aviation economic development funds that reinvests aviation generated revenue directly back into airport infrastructure.

The project includes a new taxiway, apron, utilities, and site preparation to accommodate four 100’x100’ corporate hangars. With potential tenants very interested in constructing new hangars (including MIL2ATP, a flight school that offers training to help military pilots transition to commercial airline pilots), this project is critical for the county’s economy and their continued economic growth.

Construction will be underway soon and is anticipated to be complete December 2018.

Jason Elliott, PE - Project Manager Jason Elliott, PE - Project Manager
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