Don’s Tennessee Corner: MS4 Responses During COVID-19

May 12th, 2020

Like all our fellow Safer-at-Home neighbors, we are juggling new responsibilities. For many, we are desperately trying to understand math in our new job as teachers, or are pondering the historical implications if George Washington had not contracted smallpox as a young man while in Barbados. For others, we are trying to figure out how to supervise when we are not with those we are supposed to guide.

For Stormwater professionals we are trying to follow ordinances and permits while balancing the realities of construction sites coping with rain, reduced workers, a downed sediment fence, or an enforcement letter that is more than 30 days old.

For Stormwater professionals, the WK Dickson Zoom meetings provide a forum to learn what your colleagues are doing to manage these unusual times. Sometimes we can problem solve with you and sometimes you may have the answers for others.

What we do know is that the discussion forum on Zoom is a place in which Stormwater professionals find support, ideas, and new information for not only the “Corona Coaster” we are all riding, but for the future of Stormwater management as permit guidelines are revised and new data leads to new innovations.

I hope you will continue to join me for future WK Dickson Zoom meetings, during this Corona Chaos, or after and that you will take a moment to review the archives of the meetings we have hosted thus far, like the one below.

Zoom meeting content

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