VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Marsh Creek Watershed Improvement Project Wins Engineering Excellence Award

March 1st, 2018

The Marsh Creek Watershed Improvement Project was awarded a 2018 Georgia Engineering Excellence Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Georgia.

The Marsh Creek Watershed Improvement project is a regional, multi-use stormwater management facility designed to reduce flooding in the surrounding neighborhoods, prevent stream bank erosion, and improve water quality by treating stormwater runoff before it flows into Marsh Creek. But by redeveloping the site as a city-center and recreational destination that includes park-like amenities (i.e., a pond with a fountain, walking/jogging trail, benches, native plant landscaping, educational signage), this first-of-its-kind project goes well beyond function and makes a positive contribution to the city’s efforts to enhance and educate the community.

To learn more, please click on the video below. Video courtesy of ACEC Georgia.

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