Key Takeaways from the June 2019 Stormwater Roundtable

July 1st, 2019

Another successful stormwater roundtable is in the books. Thank you to all who participated in the roundtable last week in Atlanta to discuss recent trends and issues that are most important to communities from a stormwater perspective. Topics included NPDES MS4 trends, GAWP’s new stormwater training program, and asset management. Following the morning session, we took a fun and informative field trip to visit the Marsh Creek Rain Garden, a stormwater project in a park setting in downtown Sandy Springs.

Some takeaways from our speakers include:

  • Allow flexibility in your Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) when it comes to annual inspection goals of your system. If you set your goal to say that you will inspect the minimum of 5% per year but 100% in your five year term, this prevents the need to change your SWMP if your plan is to do 20% a year but you have a busy year and get less than that accomplished.
  • Stream walks are optional and supplemental to dry weather screening; however, stream walks can provide invaluable insight for your MS4 when it comes to flooding and water quality issues.
  • For impaired waters, if EPA approves the E. coli standard, GAEPD will shift to that automatically.
  • GA EPD is supportive of ‘cleaning up’ the 303d list. MS4s can work to delist with sampling. You’ll need a qualified monitoring plan, but it would be worth it to remove a water from impaired status.
  • GAWP is developing guidance for feasibility criteria for runoff/reduction through a Feasibility Policy Working Group. The technical committee is meeting on 31st to review criteria.
  • If you don’t know about HB493 (a recently passed bill that goes into effect July 1), find out. It may impose infeasible permit review deadlines.
  • When it comes to MS4 programs, there is more to asset management than inventory and condition assessment of pipes and inlets. Policies and organizational connections matter, and management of natural assets should be part of the conversation.

Also, a shout out to our speakers - Cameron Wolfe, Georgia EPD Nonpoint Source Program; James Moore, GAWP’s new Stormwater Coordinator; and Lisa Wells from WK Dickson’s Greenville, SC office.

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