Don’s Tennessee Corner: An introduction to MS4 Permit MCMs

April 24th, 2020

Between tornadoes, hurricane force winds, hail, a threat of murderous hornets and, of course, this virus, our “interesting times” have more of the feeling of curses than blessings. But with creativity and downright determination we still find ways to continue to protect the water resources we share.

Embedded in the uncertainty of our safer-at-home guidelines, are the ever changing, evolving, and more resource-intense requirements of stormwater. Each five-year cycle seems to bring new and more demanding permits and revisions, so much of what we understood to be processes are changed as a result.

Before COVID-19, we were allowed us to come together to learn from each other. With our conferences on pause, it is a true blessing that technology has given us a different way to meet, and the additional positive result is that people who may not have had travel budgets to join us, can now become a more active part of our professional community.

To that end, WK Dickson has kicked off a series of virtual meetings. It is in this space that we hope to keep educational opportunities moving forward and to provide a forum to continue to meet as a stormwater community.

Sharing resources was the way we began back when we had our MS4 Working Group meetings, before we even had a Phase II permit, in Franklin, Tennessee, and continues to this day with the Tennessee Stormwater Association and other state organizations.

Until we are able to re-group face-to-face, on behalf of WK Dickson, I invite you to join us on the next Zoom meeting, to take a look at the past ones in the archives, take our surveys, and to reach out to me with topics you want to make sure we cover.

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