Don’s Tennessee Corner: Who is maintaining your infrastructure?

August 5th, 2020

Is the right professional maintaining your infrastructure?

Picture this. You wake up in the middle of the night, and it’s 90 degrees in your house! Your air conditioning unit has decided to give up the ghost. So, do you just call the handy neighbor down the street who fixed your lawnmower last week to repair your HVAC unit?


No! Your handy neighbor is probably an honest worker, but he probably has not had the education, experience, or know-how to troubleshoot the potential problems or the internal workings of a modern-day heat pump unit.

So, when you hire someone to inspect and maintain your stormwater infrastructure, you need someone that has been educated and with specific experience in your jurisdiction. We are talking about infrastructure that may have cost tens of thousands of dollars to design and install, and the specifications and controls were designed specifically for this location to protect the quality of your waters and prevent downstream flooding of yours and other people’s property.

Therefore, the requirements for a Certified Inspection and Maintenance person is very important. The State of Tennessee, and most other states, have been requiring certification for the individuals to conduct construction plan reviews and inspections of erosion and sediment controls for many years, but not for inspection and maintenance of the permanent water quality and flood protections of the infrastructure.

Please check out the presentation I did covering this issue, in association with Tennessee Stormwater Association on 7/9/2020.

I also hope you will join me for future WK Dickson Zoom meetings and that you will take a moment to review the archives at the bottom of this page for other sessions we have hosted thus far.

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