Don’s Tennessee Corner: Maintaining Stormwater Assets

June 24th, 2020

How many of you buy a car and drive it until it literally falls apart? And all the maintenance you perform is to put fuel in it when the little hand is nearing empty, or change a flat tire to keep from having to leave it on the side of the road?

A detention pond does not require fuel, nor does it have tires, but if you just walk away from it, it will fill up with sediment or trees and will probably cease to protect the buildings and community from flooding, as it is designed to do? It can become a nuisance or cause local flooding if neglected.

I cannot think of anything that was built to just walk away from without continuous maintenance. All things must be maintained!

• Do you have specific protocols that you follow in your Stormwater Management Plan, ensuring that all SCMs are adequately maintained?

• Do you have specifics of how you are tracking permanent construction site inspections where it is stored and who is responsible?

• How are you implementing these procedures for conducting and tracking (permanent SCM) site inspections?

• If TDEC came in and asked you to show them the spreadsheet/database and specific codes, ordinance, and policies, could you produce them quickly?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, we can help. Please click here or the download button for more information on this topic. I also hope you will join me for future WK Dickson Zoom meetings and that you will take a moment to review the archives below of the meetings we have hosted thus far.

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