Angie Mettlen Promoted to Director of Strategic Funding and Regulatory Affairs

June 7th, 2018

WK Dickson is proud to announce that Angie Mettlen has been named as director of strategic funding and regulatory affairs. WK Dickson takes pride in being able to offer valuable services to our clients, and we have seen that both project funding and regulatory insight can have a tremendous impact in moving a project forward.

"Angie’s unique skill set in these areas transcend all WK Dickson’s practice areas and geographic regions we serve," said David Peeler, President and CEO. "Her perspective on project scoping enhances our ability to provide innovative solutions to our clients."

With 27 years of experience as both a regulator and consultant, Angie’s deep understanding of the ever-evolving funding sources and regulatory issues that affect our clients has proven to be a game-changer for many of our clients and their local communities.

Angie will work to identify new funding programs; provide updates to existing funding programs; provide options to leverage conventional funding with non-traditional funding; track critical regulatory changes and emerging regulations that may impact our clients, and provide project scoping assistance where her expertise can be critical. She will also continue to provide client and project management assistance as well as assist in marketing and business development activities.

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